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"... building predictive models and solving practical problems for business and industry in applied physics, optics, engineering, missile defense, and energy ..."

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Professional experience: Optical physicist and systems engineer with 39 years of experience. Significant work includes:

  • Developed systems, seekers, and sensors for Missile Defense, Space Situational Awareness, Hypersonics.
  • Analyzed & modeled radiometric signatures from re-entry vehicles, hypersonic threats, associated objects.
  • Analyzed and measured effects of nuclear weapons & space radiation on optical components and systems.
  • Researched technologies to monitor proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
  • Invented and developed sensors for measuring density and thickness during hypervelocity collisions.
  • Performed physics based modeling, development of trees for requirements flow, radiometric error, probability of kill

Education: BS, MS, ABD in physics and optical physics.

Technical expertise: Highly interdisciplinary with both breadth and depth.

  • Physics based modeling - physics, lasers, optics, IR radiometry, nuclear & radiation effects, hypervelocity collisions, atmospheric optical turbulence
  • First order analysis for requirements definition and systems trades
  • Experimental development of sensors and instrumentation

Computer skills: Physics based modeling in MatLab, Python, Excel w/ VBA. Proficient in Word, Power Point, Project, html. Minor experience in C, C++, Fortran.

Communications skills: Developed and taught 26 hour technical course on lasers and applications, presented customer briefings, written numerous technical papers, presentations, and proposals. Developed and managed various websites.

Significant accomplishments: Creative problem solver as shown by:

  • Granted a 1998 R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine.
  • 1 patent and 1 pending patent related to Hypervelocity impact characterization for use in missile defense and other space applications.
  • 3 patents and 1 pending patent related to other missile defense technologies.
  • 7 patents related to sensing and instrumentation for the power industry, chemical sensing, and characterization of ultra-low loss, ultra-high reflectance optical components.

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